JMX Share Dropdown Demo Page

This is a demonstration of the jmx-share-dropdown webcomponent. It is a fully accessible dropdown. You will accept focus when using the keyboard to navigate. Since it uses a button internally, it accepts all the standard interaction events that come with using a button.

Additionally, when the dropdown is open, it listens for the Escape key to close the dropdown and returns focus to the main dropdown button.

Example of not including Twitter in the dropdown.

Note that by default no options are shown. You must explicticly include them for them to render.

<jmx-share-dropdown bg-color="#c35600" url="" fb="true" tw=false li="1" email="1" pnt="true" website-name="Demo Page on GitHub" title="A blog probably of interest only to nerds by John Morton."></jmx-share-dropdown>


                    <jmx-share-dropdown button-size="50" icon-color="#ffce00" social-icon-color="blue" bg-color="#2e3943" panel-bg-color="#dee2e5" fb="true" tw=true li="1" email="1" pnt="true" url="" title="JMX2, Inc." description="This is my website"></jmx-share-dropdown>